As a reader of our newsletter, we assume you care about the Amazon region, the conservation work we do there, and/or have already visited our lodges. If so, we could really use your help!

Amazon Conservation has been working hard to increase the recognition of our birding lodges down in the Peruvian Amazon, as the marriage between tourism and our conservation research is closely linked. The more successful we are at promoting tourism to Peru and our lodges, the more conservation (and cultural awareness) projects we can create!

With that, we have some good news. We have just secured Trip Advisor pages for both Wayqecha and Villa Carmen Birding Lodges (we are still working on Los Amigos). Trip Advisor is popular travel website that allows travelers to research and review on hotels/accommodations, restaurants, and attractions. Their traveler reviews provide authentic first-person accounts of their quality.

Here are three ways you can help:
*Write a review of your stay at our 
Wayqecha or Villa Carmen birding lodges. The more good reviews we get, the more visible the lodges will be on Trip Advisor.
*Share these Trip Advisor pages on social media with a plug such as “Traveling soon? Try these great conservation birding lodges in southern Peru near Manu.”
*If you can’t use Trip Advisor, your user review/testimonial is still useful. Reply to this email and send us your thoughts.

We really appreciate you being a friend of Amazon Conservation. Thanks for all you do!