Global Big Day took place earlier in May, and our teams of expert local and international birders took full advantage of our three lodges to find a whopping number of birds in a single day.

This year we had a fantastic team representing us, including Fernando Angulo, researcher at Peru’s Center for Ornithology and Biodiversity (CORBIDI) and Advisory member for the Los Amigos Bird Observatory;  Alex Wiebe, Johnathan Franzen Fellow and student at Cornell University; Rolin Flores, an indigenous bird guide from the community of Diamante near Manu National Park; and many more.

Peru placed second in the world this year, recording a total of 1,491 species. The grand total our teams recorded seeing at our three lodges in Peru was 447 unique species! We also discovered 6 species that had not been previously seen at our lodges before. Now we protect the habitat of 867 bird species – That is more species than the entire country of Costa Rica!

Check out the post-event Facebook live session recapping all of our adventures!