Sounds of Wayqecha

Puna Thistletail

Red and White Antpitta

Highlights of a stay at Wayqecha

  • Over 200 birds listed
  • Hot Showers/Private Baths
  • 24-hr Internet
  • Friendly Staff
  • Local, fresh Peruvian cooking
  • Canopy walkway, over 200 orchid species

What Travelers Say

Such a professional and friendly establishment. We dream of returning and bringing friends.
Irene Bugge, Birdathon 2014
It has been a dream to visit the Peruvian cloud forest and to experience the bird life here. One recommendation: don’t leave without seeing a Grass-green Tanager!
Dr. Terry Master, ornithologist
The views were amazing, and the staff so friendly and helpful.
Dr. Sofie Sjogersten, University of Nottingham

Thank you!!! What an inspiring place! The highlight of my vacation. Hope to have occasion to visit again

Lindsey Larson, U.S.

This is a perfect place for birders. Excellent service, food, environment, and birds! Keep this place forever!

Judy, U.S.

A brilliant stay ― great birding, fantastic food and incredible scenery!

Rachel and Robert Carr, U.K.

Everything from the birds to, the views to the room, food, and staff was excellent. I will never forget my time here, and the amazing trails with an abundance of various species of plants (bromeliads, orchids, ferns and more) and animals. I am eternally grateful for the experience that I had here at Wayqecha.

Arianna Lapke, U.S.

The people, accommodations, and divine scenery at Wayqecha blew me away. I feel so blessed to have experienced the mystical mountain magic that exists in this beautiful valley.

Erin Weisman , U.S.

The hummingbirds and butterflies are plentiful here. I got to see three tinamous. Few places are more majestic, either day or night. The sky shows ten times more stars than I have ever seen before. The staff is amazingly friendly as well.

Rebecca Grause, U.S.