Sounds of Villa Carmen

Manu Antbird

Bamboo Antshrike

Flammulated (or Bamboo) Pygmy-Tyrant

Highlights of a stay at Villa Carmen

  • Over 460 birds listed
  • Brand-new cabins
  • Hot showers/private baths
  • Internet (limited)
  • Friendly staff
  • Fresh Peruvian cooking sourced from the onsite farm
  • Visit to indigenous communities

What Travelers Say

This was quite probably one of the most enthralling days birding I have experienced in my life…
Villa Carmen was fabulous surpassing every expectation. It was everyone’s favorite place of the tour…We look forward to returning here for years to come.
Rich Hoyer, WINGS, Inc.
The birds are amazing. The river crossing was incredible. You are great and made us very comfortable.
Eileen Mershart (Madison, WI), Birdathon participant