Sounds of Los Amigos

Musician Wren

Pavonine Quetzal

Highlights of a stay at Los Amigos

  • Over 550 birds listed
  • Private baths, NEW hot-water showers
  • Internet (limited connectivity)
  • Friendly staff
  • Local, fresh Peruvian cooking
  • Oxbow lakes, 200-foot observation tower

What Traveler’s Say

My backyard in the Peruvian Amazon held more than 500 species in an area the size of Central Park, and I could not extinguish the blazing thoughts of the species I would encounter that day.
Sean Williams, Logged 282 Species for 2015 Global Big Day

We were not disappointed! Without even trying to run up a list we enjoyed ~300 species of birds (plus another ~30 heard-only-or-not-seen-well-enough-to-count species), and 20 mammals (of which ten were primates)! Among those many species were some significant regional specialties, rarities and spectacular creatures.

Francis Toldi , U.S.