Global Big Day is May 5, and our teams of birders are ready to break records at our lodges in Peru! Besides being birding’s biggest day worldwide, for us, it represents a unique opportunity to raise awareness about the astounding bird diversity found in Peru and at our birding lodges, and the importance of their conservation. We’ll be live tweeting our finds throughout the day and on May 6th we’ll have a Facebook live session recapping all of our adventures! Stay tuned for that!

In 2015, Peru beat the world record with 1,188 species registered, overtaking both Brazil and Colombia.  This not only reaffirmed Peru’s abundant avian diversity, but highlighted it as a global destination for birdwatchers. On that day, Peru as a country was not the only one making history on avian records; our Los Amigos lodge ranked fifth place worldwide, with 308 bird species recorded!

This year we’ll have a fantastic team representing us, including Fernando Angulo, avian researcher of CORBIDI and Los Amigos Bird Observatory (LABO) Advisory member; Alex Wiebe, LABO Johnathan Franzen Fellow, and student of Cornell University; and Rolin Flores, an indigenous bird guide from the community of Diamante near Manu National Park, and many more.