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Station Profile: Wayqecha Cloud Forest Birding Lodge

Just 3.5 hours northeast of Cusco—via a spectacular drive through the snow-capped Andes—Wayqecha Cloud Forest Biological Station and Birding Lodge is one of the world’s best sites to explore the lush cloud forest ecosystem bordering Manu National Park. Situated where the eastern slopes of the Andes meet the Amazon lowlands, the cloud forest absorbs moisture from passing clouds and is often blanketed in mist and fog. The constant supply of moisture allows [...]

Hitching rides and seeking birds: Get to know Amazonian bird researcher Micah Scholer

University of British Columbia PhD candidate Micah Scholer has visited Peru enough times to know the lay of the land and discover some of the incredible birds the country has to offer. Read about how he got into birding, the research project he is conducting in the Amazon, and some of his adventures in the field. How did you become interested in birds? Growing up in northern Minnesota I spent lots of time [...]

Discovering Villa Carmen’s bamboo specialists

I discovered my passion for birds years ago while researching macaws in the Peruvian rainforest in Tambopata, one of the most biodiverse spots on the planet with a wide variety of habitats and around 550 bird species. Among the variety of habitats found there, the most amazing to me was the bamboo forest, one of the largest bamboo patches of the entire Tambopata area, and also a favorite of the [...]

Biggest Year world record holder Arjan Dwarshuis raves about birding in Peru with Amazon Conservation

Last year Arjan Dwarshuis set a new world record for the highest number of birds observed in a single calendar year: an astonishing 6,841 bird species observed in 40 different countries (about 65% of the world’s species!). Of all those countries, Arjan named Peru as the number one destination for birding. “Hands down,” he says about his choice “…we saw 1,001 species in 24 days – a record within a record! 577 [...]

Amazon Conservation hosts course on neotropical birds

Amazon Conservation held its second course on ecology, taxonomy and conservation of neotropical birds at our Los Amigos Biological Station in Peru earlier in September. The course was held for Peruvians in conjunction with, the Arequipa Museum of Natural History (MUSA) and the Center for Ornithology and Biodiversity (CORBIDI). The purpose of bringing together these organizations was to continue our goal of training the next generation of Peruvian ornithologists to grow bird conservation and awareness [...]

Get to know our bird guide extraordinaire: Q&A with Percy Avendaño

When you’re in the middle of the Amazon rainforest it’s essential to count on a trusted guide to help you see all the hidden treasures that you might be missing. Meet Percy Avendaño, our staff naturalist and birding guide. He has experience guiding expert-level birders and casual naturalists alike, and our visitors rave about his knowledge of birds and nature, his friendliness and resourcefulness.Percy is also a Top eBirder, ranking second in the world [...]

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My unforgettable birding trip to the Peruvian Amazon

Birds and wildlife, that’s what I was hoping to see on my journey to the tropical rainforest in southeastern Peru with conservationists from Amazon Conservation. Our destination was Amazon Conservation’s Los Amigos lodge and research station, part of a pristine 350,000 acre conservation concession area bordering the iconic Manu National Park. Traveling to the lodge on a lovely four hour boat ride up the Madre de Dios river set the tone for [...]

Inaugural Amazon Birder’s Bulletin

  The Amazon Birder’s Bulletin is a bi-monthly newsletter about nature and birding at Amazon Conservation’s three birding lodges in Peru. Each of our birding lodges are open to the public, and they host thousands of birders, researchers, and students alike every year. Staying in our lodges is an opportunity to spot hundreds of species of amazing birds, and to get up close and personal with the crucial work we do to protect [...]

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