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Make your New Year’s resolution to travel more come true: Visit the best birding lodges in Peru!

If one of the things you want to accomplish in 2018 is to travel, take this chance to make your plans to visit Peru! As one of the world's 10 megadiverse countries, including over 1,800 bird species, with hundreds of endemic plants and animals, with rich cultural destinations such as Machu Picchu, and its delectable cuisine, Peru is not to be missed! What are you waiting for?

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An Ornithologist’s Account of Birding in the Peruvian Amazon

Peru is home to an impressive number of birds—almost 2,000—and many of them live right in the Amazon. Even if you have already been birding in a tropical country, there are still several endemic birds that can only be found in Peru and nowhere else on the planet. The key to Peru’s bird diversity can be explained by its distinctive geography—it’s where the Andes mountains meet the lowland Amazon, and [...]

Q&A with Birding Guide Rich Hoyer

Rich Hoyer's first guiding and teaching experience came when he was a senior in high school when he was asked to teach a birdwatching class to a group of 3rd and 4th graders. Since then he has been a guide with WINGS Birding Tours for over 20 years. Check out what he had to say about his recent trips to Peru. What brings you birding to southeast Peru, and to [...]

Uniting Science and Conservation at our New Los Amigos Bird Observatory

Any passionate birdwatcher or avian researcher knows that a forest with a diverse array of habitats is a likely treasure trove of brilliant, rare and charismatic avifauna. The Los Amigos Biological Station and reserve managed by Amazon Conservation in southeast Peru is just such a place. Situated in two floodplains, with terra firme, bamboo and palm swamp habitats, Los Amigos is home to almost 600 bird species, almost a third [...]

Peru ranks high (again) in Global Big Day 2017

Once again, Peruvian bird-watching teams (including our own) placed very well during the 2017 Global Big Day that took place on May 13, observing the second-highest number of birds in the world, with 1,338 total species overall. This was just shy of Colombia’s 1,486 bird species but still beat last year’s Peru record of 1,177. A remarkable 2,797 species were seen throughout South America with Ecuador and Brazil also strong [...]

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Ornithologist Bob Ridgley raves about birding with Amazon Conservation

Recently, we hosted a distinguished American ornithologist at two of our birding lodges in southeastern Peru. Dr. Robert Ridgely, whose name is synonymous with South American ornithology, was impressed by the “extraordinary habitat” surrounding the lodges, calling the deeply forested transect from Wayqecha Birding Lodge, high in the Andes, down to Villa Carmen Birding Lodge is one of the “the biggest, wildest montane forests” on the planet. Dr. Ridgely is a distinguished author, [...]

Upcoming birding festivals – will we see you there?

There are many incredible birding festivals taking place in the US every year, and we love meeting new faces every time we attend one! This year, in addition to the Space Coast Birding Festival that we attended in early January, we’ll be sharing the experience of birding with us in the Peruvian Amazon at two upcoming events. If you’ll be in town, make sure to attend and say hello! American Birding Expo – [...]

A sneak peek at our Los Amigos Birding Lodge

In the 2015 Global Big Day, Los Amigos Birding Lodge registered the fifth highest number of bird species in the world (308) – and with good reason.  Not only do we have sharp-eyed bird guides stationed there, but Los Amigos is adjacent to the Los Amigos Conservation Concession and just east of world-famous Manu National Park, which means it is surrounded by millions of acres of protected wilderness. The landscape is a mosaic of [...]

Been to our lodges? Rate us on Trip Advisor!

As a reader of our newsletter, we assume you care about the Amazon region, the conservation work we do there, and/or have already visited our lodges. If so, we could really use your help! Amazon Conservation has been working hard to increase the recognition of our birding lodges down in the Peruvian Amazon, as the marriage between tourism and our conservation research is closely linked. The more successful we are [...]

Station Profile: Wayqecha Cloud Forest Birding Lodge

Just 3.5 hours northeast of Cusco—via a spectacular drive through the snow-capped Andes—Wayqecha Cloud Forest Biological Station and Birding Lodge is one of the world’s best sites to explore the lush cloud forest ecosystem bordering Manu National Park. Situated where the eastern slopes of the Andes meet the Amazon lowlands, the cloud forest absorbs moisture from passing clouds and is often blanketed in mist and fog. The constant supply of moisture allows [...]

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